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Here in Inframachineries, we want to give you an exceptional service that you deserve! Our team is committed to doing
all we can to help you get the most from your investment. We assure you that you will be satisfied even with our parts and aftersales services.

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Doosan Transportation Monitoring System (TMS)

Doosan Transportation Monitoring System (TMS) collects machine data during every minute of operation.

This information is uploaded automatically to the Doosan Connect online system using dual-mode communications –

cellular and satellite – for maximum coverage. Using the online system, designated users manage your fleet,

improve maintenance and enhance business productivity

Doosan SmartMaintenance is proactive maintenance solution based on DoosanCONNECT, Doosan’s remote monitoring system. SmartMaintenance greatly helps customer save money through monitoring of the machine and preventive maintenance notification, as well as special discount of the parts and technician assignment service.

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Equipment Warranty

Over the years, Inframachineries has warranties that can help you lower costs, improve efficiency and increase

productivity.We have set a standard to provide you a trouble-free service with our warranties.

Equipment Care

When you purchase an equipment to our company, we assure you that that’s not the end of our transaction. In fact,

that’s just the beginning! We got you covered from delivery, through the operation and maintenance,

to major repairs and rebuilds.

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